Trans-Himalaya Track

Explore, learn, grow


Mini-Sabbatical * re-source journey * training for professionals. By broadening your horizon to a deepening of awareness and more expertise.

Ladakh is a "matriarchal" society in the north of India (a hidden pearl just behind the Himalayas). Ecology and meaning are here in a unique way connected with each other. We will guide you to a broadening of your vision, insights and approach through the beauty of nature and cultural uniqueness in this region.



  • Re-source and hands-on learning
  • Go back to nature and discover its true power
  • Be inspired by other reference frames
  • Get to know yourself (even) better
  • Strengthen your (self)leadership
  • Meet like-minded people and expand your network
  • Get a taste of the local culture, customs and nutrition
  • An unforgettable life experience


  • Themes we will specifically zoom in on: human & world view, nutrition, bodywork, dealing with emotions, mental well-being, meaningfulness and stress
  • The 4Ps (People, Planet, Profit/Prosperity, Person) and learn to see sustainability differently
  • Introduction to the local interpretation of personal well-being based on a four Q approach (FQ, IQ, EQ and SQ)
  • The role of nature in this matriarchal society
  • How do they look at work?
  • An introduction to local, inspiring methods/approach linked to well-being/sustainable employability
  • Take a closer look at the “Economy of happiness”
  • 5 hiking days (with guide)

Target group: Executives, coaches, therapists, professionals (HR, health, well-being, CSR), people involved in/working on their own personal development

Dates: june 2010

Location: India * Ladakh

Price: 4250 euro. Accommodation, breakfast, lunches, course material and transport on site are included (not included: dinners, transport to/from the meeting point in Leh).


After this re-sourcing trip, you will receive a certificate of participation.

By participating in this mini-sabbatical, you will also contribute financially to one of the local projects we support.




Lut Van Mossevelde is an expert in well-being and author of the book "Sustainable Working". Through unique re-source programmes and mini-sabbaticals, she guides people to new insights and approaches for personal growth and organisational development.



For more information or to register, please contact us at or call +32 476 96 39 59.

There is an intake interview via Skype or telephone. Don't wait too long because the number of places is limited!