Organisational & Team development

Back to Basics ...

Do you want to make your team and/or organisation more sustainable?

We focus on creating Great Performance Teams and Great Performance Organisations.
These teams and organizations are scoring high on financial (Profit), Personal (Person), social (People) and ecological (Planet) sustainability. It implies the realization of sustainable employability at an individual, team and organisational level. We hereby start from teams and people (talents).


We go for an unique approach:

  • We MEASURE current risks and challenges also on an "individual" level;
  • We organize bottom-up co-creation workshops to come to a supported ACTION PLAN;
  • We IMPLEMENT change management from "self" management (self steering);
  • We use innovative approaches such as "job and team balancing".

Together we go ahead, in- and outdoor, and start working in order to install more happiness, health and engagement within your team /organization.


For more information, please contact us via or tel. +32 476 96 39 59