Workshops & Projects

For more well-being & productivity


We focus on increasing well-being and better results in teams and organizations. 


Workshops that we offer in this context are among others: 

  • In a team Re-Sourcing out of talents. (full day * combi in-outdoor) 
  • H²E Inspiration Workshop (*) - about increasing happiness, health and engagement at work / in the team (half a day) 
  • Awareness session Stress & Burnout - about recognizing & coping with stress and burnout (half a day) 
  • Strategic reflection day - for determining the team goals and annual actions. (full day * combi in-outdoor) 
  • Team in Balance - zoom in on specific team themes such as cooperation, results, solving certain problems (full day * combi in-outdoor)  


We also organize projects / partnerships in accordance with the legal obligations (psycho-social risks, CAO 104, reintegration after illness).

In terms of content we focus on: 

  • individual measurement and "personal" overview of own psychosocial risks, as input for analysis at team & organization level; 
  • sustainable action plan: individual, team and organization approach; 
  • developing a sustainable policy on health, absenteeism, presenteeism or burnout for your organization; 
  • awareness workshops focused on insight, recognition and prevention of burnout  


For more information, please contact us via or call us at +32 476 96 39 59 


(*) Happiness, Health (H²) and E (Engagement)