Who we are

We want to make a difference

The Institute for Sustainable Working is a network organization with a social purpose and started-up in 2014.
With a team of dedicated experts, we focus on making Work, Leadership / Coaching and Personnel management more sustainable. We are aiming for more "Sustainable Employability" at the workplace.
In our offer we focus on organizations, individuals and professionals. We provide consulting, project management, coaching and training out of the philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Our value proposition is innovation and providing with inspiration.


We distinguish ourselves by:

  • providing a positive, sustainable alternative for working and managing staff: a new, different approach to the practice;
  • starting from talents, passions and the impact of purpose;
  • our simultaneous focus on engagement (Profit) AND health (People) AND happiness (Person) AND environmental sustainability (Planet);
  • the use of "job balancing" and "team balancing": innovative methodologies that make bottom-up action and change possible in a sustainable and integrated way;
  • the ultilization of positive, creative approaches that integrate the unconscious and emotional level;
  • the focus on the uniqueness of each personal situation (measurement and analysis of sustainable employability at the individual level) and provide tools so that people can steer themself (self);
  • bringing together consulting, coaching, training and research;
  • the scientific basis (the Connection4Balance Model and C4B meter) - a unique concept that creates connection between the work environment and the employee;
  • the importance we attach to nature as a source of inspiration