What our clients are saying ...





Training & Workshops


"The sabbatical exceeds my expectations... arrived burned-out and leaving with lots of energy..."


"I feel much better now ... much more clarity"


"A perfect week to recuperate, to learn and to transform"


"Super to have so many one-to-one conversations"




"Top for me! Great training, excellent coach,  very professional" 


"Really a place to slow down in an inspiring way"


"Amazing concept and vision"


"You really have the feeling that you learned and have grown"


"For me it was more than just a training, is was a life experience"



An amazing, inspiring environment;

The walking coaching;

The discovery of how to let the unconsciousness speak;

Being in nature and listening to the unconciousness;

Lut's unique approach;

Authentic restaurants, good food an real human warmth









Exercises adopted to the practice;

Experiencing methodologies yourself;

Training at different places & also outside;

Link with different useful topics; 

Quality of the lunches






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